Bellavei Canada

A healthy, glowing complexion is not only a hallmark of youth and well-being, it is a confidence booster and enhances your self esteem. Unfortunately, many skincare lines have one of two major flaws: they are nothing but hype or they are effective, but way out of most people’s price range.

When we found out about Bellavei, we were excited to try it. We’re even more excited to share that this skincare line delivers where most others fail since it is both effective and affordable.

Offering a wide range of products to address a variety of skin concerns at a price point that won’t break the bank, Bellavei puts beautiful skin and a glowing complexion within reach.

Bellavei offers everything you need to get smooth, clear skin and to prevent and erase the signs of aging. Packed with ingredients that rejuvenate, moisturize and hydrate skin, this line gives you soft, supple skin and also helps to improve the texture, tone, clarity and elasticity of your skin.

Bellavei also offers products designed to help you lighten and brighten your complexion to rid your skin of acne scars, sunspots and hyper pigmentation that can often prematurely age you.

From a cleanser designed to erase makeup, oil, dirt and pollution without stripping the skin to anti aging moisturizing creams and a night time repair serum, this is a line that offers a comprehensive regimen designed to give you the best complexion and most beautiful skin possible.

We appreciate that Bellavei offers complete skincare systems that work together synergistically to help renew skin and deliver visible results.

Bellavei offers a beauty solution to help you maintain your skin from head to toe. For those concerned about the health of their hair, there is an amazing hair growth supplement formulated to help you grow longer, stronger, thicker and more lustrous hair.

If a dry scalp is problematic for you, the Nuviante Arganine Oil treatment is the perfect way for you to re-balance your scalp and get a healthy scalp that will help promote hair growth. The hand and body silk moisturizer helps protect your skin against the harmful, aging effects of sun and pollution and gives your skin a soft, silky feel without feeling heavy or greasy.

Not only does Bellavei offer high quality skincare products at a reasonable price, they even offer a Premier Membership. This membership allows you to order skincare products at a 40% discount for only $9.95 a month. For members who use a range of products, this membership can help save hundreds of dollars annually and the monthly fee will quickly pay for itself.

Unlike so many other skincare lines we have tried, this is one that not only delivered on its promises, but exceeded our expectations, especially when we conspired the price point of the products.

Since starting a Bellavei skincare protocol, our skin is smoother, clearer and feels soft, supple, plump and healthier than it has in years. We are thrilled to have found such an affordable, effective skincare line and think you will be, too!


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